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Women's Personal Development

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Self-Development Workshops for Black Women


Kush creative centre are presenting a series of workshops with various themes for Black Women connected to self care and self development.

The first workshop was on Self- Care and we are now offering our second workshop on building Authentic Relationships.


If you are a black woman who wants to explore relationships that allow you to be your authentic self, then join us in an intimate space where we will discuss and explore our relationships to significant others.

It isa virtual experiential exploration workshop which offers a space for women to address how we relate, whether this is with ourselves, partners, friends, children, colleagues, siblings, or parents.



'In Touch'

Dramatherapy (Sesame)Workshops for Women'


These workshops are specifically designed for women and provides a space for women who may have suffered physical, emotional and psychological abuse. The sessions support women to find a way of creatively expressing themselves in a safe and contained environment, using mainly story-telling and story-making with movement.


The use of non-verbal expression, may assist in untapping the unknown potential of the woman, releasing and integrating new ideas and ways of seeing and being.


The sessions are delivered by a qualified Dramatherapist and Drama and Education Practitioner



'Sol Nectar' Domestic Violence Awareness Workshops


Sol Nectar offers women the opportunity, time and space to give attention to themselves.


Working through the art-forms of drama, music, movement, play, story-telling, role-play, drawing, percussion and rhythm, we encourage the individual to find new ways of self-expression through a non-confrontational and non-judgmental approach.


Our aim is to work through the group dynamic to explore issues of self-identity; autonomy and healthy relationships, allowing individuals to build upon their strengths and make positive decisions about their future.



'Seeing Red' Anger Clarification Workshops


Seeing Red Workshops provide a confidential and secure space for women to explore and work with and through their anger issues.


There is a four tier process to these sessions: 

Motivating self to address anger issues.

Recognising emotions and specifically recognition of anger.

Understanding our anger triggers.

Maintenance (Methods for continued management in anger or conflict situations).


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