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Your Life Through Drama

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Women's Personal Development  


"Listening to the story and being able to relate myself to the character was something I liked".


"I really enjoyed the drawing exercise because it challenged my thinking."


"I like Kush’s model. Being encouraged to analyse and participate opposed to being lectured at."


"I learned that understanding starts with 'self'."


"I am grateful for workshop, I was able to admit that I do have anger issues and that I am able to deal with it in different ways, e.g., viewing the whole picture before reacting to my anger."  




"Thank you for a wonderful storytelling workshop, my two are buzzing with excitement! We hope you come back to the library."


"The story was very funny and I liked the quiz and games."


"I haven’t seen this type of storytelling before… His interaction surprised me, you both made him feel fully included."


"It is really great to hear stories you know but it is nice to hear original pieces. I loved the singing."


Dramatherapy - Group sessions


"As a group we made a static sculpture, xxx had been a distant member of the group but she joined the sculpture and I felt as if we had all connected. It was a special moment for me."


"Movement…. during a group exercise we created a collection of movements …allowed me to be creative and relax and also give me confidence to not to worry about what other people thought."


"Relaxation techniques were marvellous."


"I enjoyed the group. I thought the balance of new challenges/tasks and a consistent bonding technique was right for me. The consistency helped to build my feelings of safety and confidence and trust. The new tasks gave me a feeling of excitement /anticipation and challenge."


"This has been a really valuable experience for me. I hope I can do it again. I also hope Lil is able to get the funding to do more of this with other people…A lot more of this with a lot more people…"


Playback Theatre


"Totally inspiring! Lillie is an extreme performer putting her full energy into encapsulating the experience of others."


"A beautiful way to watch your own life stories."


"Wow! The music, the drama, the environment of respect which is commanded by the sensitivity and sincerity of the actors with the audience’s precious words."


"I am from Brazil and love movement. Watching Lillie perform made me think of home and all that is associated with those who are connected to their body."


"It is a reminder to reserve judgement."










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