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Your Life Through Drama

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Kush creative centre  deliver story-telling and story-making workshops for children and young people ages: 3-18 years.


  • Half hour interactive storytelling sessions for children age 3-5 years

  • One hour interactive storytelling sessions for children age 4-7 years

  • One hour therapeutic storytelling sessions for children 7-11 years

  • One and a half hour storytelling & story-making for young people 12+


We also provide bespoke storytelling & story-making sessions


Children and young people will benefit from these workshops by having fun through play. They will build on communication skills and learn to problem solve through the use of symbol and metaphor in stories. The work is created and completed in a safe and contained space.


Children and young people who engage with the creative process can feel more confident and relaxed, enabling them to relate better to their peers, parents and other people.


The sessions encourage participants to verbalise and enact stories using techniques such as: characterisation, improvisation, role-play and movement.


This will assist them with reflecting on personal experiences, enabling them to achieve many, if not all, of their personal goals. The process will promote the establishment of positive group dynamic, whilst encouraging confidence and self-esteem building through the dramatic process.  


We offer our storytelling interactive storytelling sessions in various settings, such as libraries, community events, arts centres, nurseries, pupil referral units and Schools.

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