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Your Life Through Drama

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Diversity Playback Theatre Company

Lillie Stoute, our dramatherapist has been a member of the London Theatre Company for 15 years. She has now decided to found her own company Diversity Playback Theatre Company.


Diversity Playback Theatre Company  

We are bidding for funding from The Cultural Brent 20/20 Fund to train members of Brent’s community in the art of Playback Theatre.


The purpose of the survey: To recruit Brent residents to join the project. Participants will learn the principles of Playback Theatre through Acting & Performance Skills

Diversity Playback Theatre Company aims to address the under representation of minority groups in this form of theatre. We are still in the development stages of building the company and we seek to attract Art Practitioners and Educators and generally those with creative minds and hearts to join us.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Diversity Playback Theatre Company please complete the survey below