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Your Life Through Drama

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Dramatherapy Sessions

2010-2011 073

"I have grown in confidence. It really helps to discuss by anxieties and concerns particularly in this time of the pandemic, I am in such a different space now and know what I need to do to in the future to keep myself safe."

Anon (2020)

“Lillie has such an amazing gift by using her proactive drama skills and artistic talents that allows you to critically think about your emotions and why or where this emotion comes from. Sometimes when I was unable to find the right words to express myself Lillie came up with different ways that allowed me to fully engage with my emotions, past experiences and how this impacted me today. I have now such an amazing insight into myself and use this to better myself. I have recommended Lillie to my family members and would 100% recommended her to anyone else, she is prefect at her job.”  DA (2020)

Lillie: "Demon Buster Extraordinaire!”  

K (2020)


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