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Your Life Through Drama

Kush Creative Centre is a drama education and dramatherapy provider.

We deliver a number of services using drama and creative activities to improve health and wellbeing. Our service promotes experiential learning and self-empowerment within a supportive environment through an eclectic fusion of Applied Theatre & Education, Movement, Dramatherapy and Playback Theatre.


Our services include:

Storytelling and Creative workshops:

Fun, interactive and engaging workshops for children aged 7-11


Dramatherapy sessions:

We offer a discreet and confidential service 1-1 dramatherapy sessions


Womens personal development workshops:

Devised to support women who seek to work on their emotional and psychological wellbeing


Playback theatre:

Live spontaneous theatre. A conductor, actors and a musician enact and retell the life stories of their audience


New Project: The Sickle Cell Disorders and Creativity Project

A space for people living with Sickle Cell Disorders to creatively express their life stories to bring awareness to the wider community.  

























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